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Our Plants - A to Z

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Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web'
Evergreen shrub with leathery, glossy, deep-lobed, dark green leaves, heavily speckled creamy-white. Clusters of small white flowers, followed by black fruit.
 view details for Fatsia japonica Spider's Web
Filipendula rubra 'Venusta'
Very impressive perennial with large flat heads of deep pink flowers which age to paler pink.
 view details for Filipendula rubra Venusta
 Insect-friendly plant
 RHS Award of Garden Merit
Filipendula ulmaria 'Aurea'
Attractive golden-yellow foliage. Cream flowers.
 view details for Filipendula ulmaria Aurea
Francoa sonchifolia 'Pink Giant'
Spires of large pink and darker pink flowers.
 view details for Francoa sonchifolia Pink Giant
 Insect-friendly plant
Fritillaria assyriaca syn uva vulpis
Pendant, dusky-purple flowers with deep yellow tips.
 view details for Fritillaria assyriaca syn uva vulpis
Fritillaria meleagris (mixed)
Single or paired nodding, bell-shaped, purple and white flowers to 1.5 in length.
 view details for Fritillaria meleagris (mixed)
 RHS Award of Garden Merit
Fritillaria pallidiflora
Large, nodding greenish-yellow flowers over greyish leaves.
 view details for Fritillaria pallidiflora
 RHS Award of Garden Merit
Fritillaria pontica
Pale green, bell-shaped flowers tinged with maroon.
 view details for Fritillaria pontica
 RHS Award of Garden Merit


 RHS Award of Garden Merit   Insect-friendly plants