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Our Plants - A to Z

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Tellima grandiflora "Forest Frost"
Green-pink flowers over silvery leaves which have red tints in winter. Good ground cover.
 view details for Tellima grandiflora Forest Frost
 Insect-friendly plant
Tetrapanax papyrifer "Rex"
Hardy shrub, herbaceous in hard winters. White flowerheads. Enormous leaves up to 40 inches wide.
 view details for Tetrapanax papyrifer Rex
Teucrium x lucidrys
Small evergreen shrub with aromatic foliage. Rose-pink flowers.
 view details for Teucrium x lucidrys
 Insect-friendly plant
Thalictrum delavayi "Album"
Delicate and airy sprays of starry white flowers on slender stems.
 view details for Thalictrum delavayi Album
 Thalictrum delavayi Album
Thalictrum kiusianum
Pretty dwarf variety. Dainty flowers above ferny foliage.
 view details for Thalictrum kiusianum
Thalictrum lucidum
Fluffy, scented pale yellow-green flowers over fern-like leaves.
 view details for Thalictrum lucidum
 Thalictrum lucidum
Thalictrum sphaerostachyum
Fluffy yellow flowers with blue-grey leaves.
 view details for Thalictrum sphaerostachyum
Thermopsis rhombifolia var montana
Spires of yellow, pea-like flowers on upright stems.
 view details for Thermopsis rhombifolia var montana
Tinantia pringlei variegated
Hardy perennial. Purple spotted foliage from wiry purple stems and purple flowers almost continuously.
 view details for Tinantia pringlei variegated
Trachystemon orientalis
Blue-violet flowers. Large, hairy leaves then grow enormous and provide useful ground cover.
 view details for Trachystemon orientalis
Tradescantia "Isis"
Three-petalled, deep violet-blue flowers. Green grassy foliage.
 view details for Tradescantia Isis
 RHS Award of Garden Merit  Tradescantia Isis
Tradescantia andersoniana "Little Doll"
Pale violet-blue flowers. Dwarf form of tradescantia.
 view details for Tradescantia andersoniana Little Doll
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Tradescantia pallida "Kartuz Giant"
Impressive, broad-leaved form of house plant, with deep purple foliage and paler purple flowers.
 view details for Tradescantia pallida Kartuz Giant
Tradescantia sillamontana
House plant with silver-white foliage covered in white hairs. Light purple flowers in leaf axils.
 view details for Tradescantia sillamontana
Tricyrtis hirta "Taiwan Atrianne"
Exotic, large purple-blue spotted white flowers with dark pink tips to petals.
 view details for Tricyrtis hirta Taiwan Atrianne
Tricyrtis hirta
Also known as Japanese toad lily or orchid lily. Exotic, large purple-blue spotted white flowers in autumn.
 view details for Tricyrtis hirta
 Tricyrtis hirta
Trifolium ochroleucon
Upright, bushy clover with large creamy flowers.
 view details for Trifolium ochroleucon
 Insect-friendly plant
 Trifolium ochroleucon
Trifolium repens "Purpurascens"
Low-growing ground cover. Purple-splashed leaves and small clover-like flowers.
 view details for Trifolium repens Purpurascens
Trillium grandiflorum
Wake Robin. Large, broad, petalled, snow white flowers.
 view details for Trillium grandiflorum
 RHS Award of Garden Merit
Tritonia disticha subsp rubrolucens
Delicate spikes of soft rose pink, lily-like trumpet flowers on tall wiry stems.
 view details for Tritonia disticha subsp rubrolucens
Tulbaghia montana
Delicate orange flowers like mini daffodils.
 view details for Tulbaghia montana
Tulipa "Red Riding Hood"
Large, vivid scarlet flowers. Attractive purple marked foliage.
 view details for Tulipa Red Riding Hood
 RHS Award of Garden Merit
Tulipa clusiana "Peppermintstick"
Delicate, species tulip with cerise pink outer and ivory inner petals with dark eye.
 view details for Tulipa clusiana Peppermintstick
 RHS Award of Garden Merit
Tulipa saxatilis (Bakeri Group)
Perennial species tulip. Glossy green foliage. Pale pink flowers with yellow centre.
 view details for Tulipa saxatilis (Bakeri Group)
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Typhonium horsefieldii
Velvety, divided leaves appear late in spring. Like a small arisaema. Flowers have a short-lived unpleasant smell!.
 view details for Typhonium horsefieldii


 RHS Award of Garden Merit   Insect-friendly plants